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We develop public space that is worth living in

Proměny Foundation

Mission statement
and goals

We support the development of the urban environment in the Czech Republic and a broader public awareness of architecture, landscaping, and an environment that is worth living in. We help transform specific sites as well as the minds of people – and we begin with the smallest among us.

  • 133 million crowns distributed in grant money

    million crowns distributed in grant money

  • 36 supported projects

    supported projects

  • 3600 children attending our workshops

    children attending our workshops

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We help towns and cities restore and rejuvenate their public green space: parks, gardens, squares, and river banks. We extend a helping hand to towns and cities that are aware of the important role played by public space and verdant vegetation in the lives of their inhabitants.

We support changes that have been well thought-out and that are based on dialogue and close cooperation between the municipal government, architects, the local community, and other local partners. We reflect the needs of today’s society while at the same time respecting the unique cultural memory of each site. We find the ideal solution through a competition for architects. Engaging the general public in the design, creation, and use of municipal public space is of key importance.

Petr Mičola, landscape architect
and juror for the Park of the Year contest 2014

“Walking into places that have their tradition and their local spirit and transforming them without causing damage left and right, is a form of high art. The park on the Santos river island in Sušice is balm for the people’s soul in the age of nanotechnology.”

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Playful Garden

Playful Garden

We draw attention to the importance of school gardens for children, for their healthy and well-rounded development, and their ability and willingness to get to know the world around them.
Our point of departure is the legacy of J. A. Komenský and his “School by Play”. We believe that school gardens shape the relationship between the children and the place where they live, and motivate them to play a role in the further development of the latter. In this sense, school gardens have great importance for the future of our towns and cities and for the environment in general. We believe there is great potential in accessible school gardens that provide children with a piece of nature and an inspiring environment on a daily basis. We lend our support to gardens that are both a useful aid to teachers and an accelerator of local community life.

Jitka Přerovská, director
Karel Komárek Proměny Foundation

„“By transforming a garden, you bring people together. They get to know each other, and develop a far deeper understanding of one another as they collectively draft, propose, discuss, and create. This will often be the beginning of other projects within the same town or city that bring further improvements.”

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Transform your
town or city

Transform your town or city

We know that by taking a multitude of small steps, you contribute to fundamental changes and lift the cultural level of entire urban environments. This is why some of our support goes to smaller, local initiatives.
The issues addressed by individual projects help us drive forward the debate over the significance that a well-designed, healthy, cultured environment has for everyday life, and over the related roles of architecture and participation. We want to offer a fresh look at public space and its possibilities, and support innovative ways in which to develop it. To us, “bottom-up” changes make sense in that they draw attention to troublesome or forgotten corners within an urban environment, review the options for resolving their problems, and intensify the cooperation between public administration, the citizenry, and experts in the various relevant fields.

Bára Týcová, Žižkovský spolek (Club for Žižkov)

„“It does make sense. Copenhagen in the mid-1960s didn’t look anything like today, either. For a better town or city, we need to roll up our sleeves and get down to work. As we shape the town or city, the town or city will shape us.”

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We pass on all our experience to others and create diverse opportunities for the representatives of towns and cities, schools, the general public, and professionals to meet, exchange, and share.
To us, children are the future creators of public space. We get them involved in the transformation of specific sites from the get-go, and set up workshops in which they find out how architecture and the environment around us impact our lives. We also give budding creators and students of vocational and artistic schools a chance to shine. In addition, we feel it is key to bring everyone involved in the creation and implementation of urban public space together around one table. We create the conditions to foster this exchange, both within and outside the context of the individual projects we sponsor. We organize conferences, excursions, and seminars, offer consultations, and issue methodology papers and guidelines.

Conference participant

“Thank you for igniting the spark of enthusiasm in people and opening their eyes – thank you for the inspiration! You have wonderful ideas; I am deeply grateful that you inform and enlighten others in the interest of our children’s education.”

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