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We uphold the legacy of a great Czech

The Dvořák Prague

Štěpánka and Karel Komárek

“Antonín Dvořák knew how to change people’s minds. He was able to convince them to embrace his melodic inventions. He became the role model and inspiration for an entire generation of younger composers, as well as for ordinary citizens. His work beguiles listeners to this day. Out of respect for these achievements, we uphold his legacy.”

A celebration of MUSIC
and its genius

It is a curious fact to note that Antonín Dvořák, who enjoys the greatest worldwide renown among all Czech composers, did not have a large festival of his own before 2008. The undeniable, time-tested qualities of the work of this musical titan have given rise to an event that celebrates the phenomenon of Dvořák within the context of other composers.

In this way, the festival has filled one of the last remaining blank spots on the map of today’s world of culture and has become a true feast day of classical music. We are proud of the fact that we helped make it happen.

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“The Dvořák Prague Festival is certainly the most ambitious project in the field of classical music that has been endeavored in this country. It is proof of how mutually beneficial it is for the business elites to team up with the brightest stars in the world of classical music. Entrepreneur Karel Komárek, who decided ‘to go for it’ a couple of years ago, deserves our respect.”

Ailyn Pérez, operatic soprano

“Dvořák’s music is rich in colors but at the same time of a Mozartian transparency. Listening to musical works in the country in whose tradition they are rooted is always a special experience. I can’t wait to hear Dvořák in Czech hands.”

Petr Nekoranec, tenor

“Music, to me, is something like a perennially encrypted vault for emotions, for stories. This is how Ubi caritas in the Latin text and Ave Maria came into existence. Where else to present a new work by a composer of the young generation, but at the opening evening of this festival?”

Yo-Yo Ma, cellist

“It’s as if I died and entered Heaven. We all have our dreams, and in music, they sometimes come true. To play Dvořák with the Czech Philharmonic was one of the most profound experiences I was privileged to have in the realm of classical music.”


This project seeks to give recognition to a personality who, through a lifetime of work or an exceptional artistic achievement, has contributed significantly to the promotion and popularization of Czech classical music at home and abroad.

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