Every potential
a chance to be

Every potential
a chance to be

We let our heart
be our guide.
Alongside these values.

  • Long-term potential

    Only in a long-term partnership will we be able to jointly make a positive difference in the world.

  • A helping hand

    We extend a helping hand. We lead by example. We share our skills and experience, give advice, and provide a material and financial support structure.

  • Return to our roots

    We find that, in order to restore self-confidence to people, it is worth going back to our roots and to our cultural heritage of which we may rightfully be proud.

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We give individuals and entire communities the courage to develop their potential, so that they may make their ideas and visions become reality.

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We change people’s attitudes and way of thinking

Jointly as a team and each of us individually, we are devoted to all the projects, schemes, and programs that enjoy the Foundation’s long-term support. We set the course and move them forward to accomplish our shared vision.

Three pillars
we promote
and develop

  • Environment

    Natural environment, public space, education, and community life.

  • The Legacy of Antonín Dvořák

    Preserving and promoting the legacy of Antonín Dvořák, supporting cultural projects at home and abroad.

  • Strong personalities

    We support individuals and groups who are not afraid of having an opinion of their own, and who stand by their project even in the face of obstacles and unexpected twists and turns along the road.

Our projects cover
many diverse fields

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