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Hidden talent deserves our attention

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Be the change you want to see in the world

We believe that hidden potential is slumbering in all of us. We support individuals, clubs, and entire communities who have found the courage to make their dreams and plans come true, and thus to change their own way of thinking and attitudes, and those of the people around them.

Do you have the courage and will to develop your talent? Do you have the ambition to make a positive change in your neighborhood? Do you feel that your project deserves our support?

Grant Application

All grants disbursed by the Karel Komárek Family Foundation conform to the foundation’s mission and purpose. Specifically, applications must seek assistance for projects with a potential to motivate individuals and communities to find the courage to turn their plans and visions into reality, thus transforming attitudes and ways of thinking on their part or on the part of other people. Their activities must have a lasting positive effect on society as a whole and the community where they live and work. They must be an inspiration for other people in the community.
The foundation accepts grant applications continuously throughout the calendar year. Applications can be submitted by e-mail at info@komarekfoundation.org. The award of grants is decided by the foundation’s Board of Trustees.

General criteria considered during the assessment of projects:

  • Project concept, method and quality of planning and project substantiation, financial factors, and applicant’s qualifications – experience, expertise, and past activities
  • Functionality, benefits, guarantee of positive change, originality, form, sustainability, clear, transparent, and vision

Applications must include:

  • First name and surname, address, e-mail address, and telephone number
  • Project title and description
  • References

There is no legal entitlement to receiving a grant from the Karel Komárek Family Foundation. The Karel Komárek Family Foundation has the right to reject any individual or all applications without substantiating the rejection thereof to applicants.

Projects we've supported in the past

Different fields, a shared ambition

We believe that great things can be achieved not only in art, culture, and the stewardship of public space, but also in education, social issues, and the development of community life. We give preference to initiatives that dovetail with our mission, and that have a sustained impact and clear vision

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